Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The Light in the Window

The Light in the Window
By Scott Trammell
April 5, 2006

Before going to bed last night, I turned out the lights just before heading upstairs. It was then that I noticed something different. There was a light shining in our living room that hadn’t been there before. As I stood in front of our living room’s big picture window, I discovered there was a street light in front of our house.

We’d always known that street light was there, we just hadn’t given it much thought until now. You see, the previous night, we experienced one of those severe Central Indiana storms and our giant evergreen, shaped like an oversized Christmas Tree, had been blown over during the storm. The high winds snapped the one foot diameter trunk about six feet above the ground. By the grace of God, no one was hurt and the tree landed on our neighbor’s driveway, so there was no damage to anyone’s home or property. We had the tree and stump removed and now all that’s left is the large blank area where that massive tree once stood. That tree had been somewhat of a landmark on our street. It was easy to find our home, “just look for the giant Christmas Tree”.

But now, with the tree gone, there’s a light shining through our front window. Strange how something so big and prominent, and even beautiful, in our lives can block so much light. How often do we let seemingly big things get in the way of God’s light in our lives? Oh, that “thing” may be big and beautiful and seem like such an important part of our life, but once it is removed (perhaps by an “Act of God”) we can finally see the light. God’s light.

Jesus said “I am the light of the world”, and the Bible tells us that we are to be beacons of light. It is up to us to show God’s “light” to a dying world. So, what is standing in your way? What is it that is keeping God’s light from shining through you? After all, there is nothing more important than shining God’s love on everyone we know.

Let your light shine!

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