Thursday, August 03, 2006

A Shock Collar for Sin...

A Shock Collar for Sin...
By Scott Trammell

While chatting with my fiance the other day, we talked about sin and how it all starts with the ideas that pop into your head.

While we were talking, we had an amazing idea. “We should invent something to help people avoid sin. Like an electric shock collar that would zap you when you have a sinful thought, just before you could actually commit the sin”.

What an amazing idea. A shock collar for sin. But then, the device would have to be able to read your mind, and know you are about to sin. We laughed long and hard over that one! But since that kind of technology does not yet exist (yet), one good way to make something like that work, would be for a guy to wear the shock collar and give the remote control to his wife. Then she could zap him when he needs it. After all, our wives are the only ones who can read our thoughts anyway, right? Well, except God, of course. Interesting.

Can you imagine, walking along with your wife, and a pretty girl walks by.
“OW! Why did you do that?”
“I know what you were thinking.”

Hmm…..maybe not such a good idea after all.

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North Beach Kurt said...

Yeah, I think my wife would have way to much fun with that.

Kurt- "I wasn't even thinking anything"
Brooke- "I know, I just like to push the button"