Sunday, November 26, 2006

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas….

It’s Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas….
Scott Trammell
November 26, 2006

Yep. It was worth it.

I spent most of the afternoon stringing lights, climbing around on the roof, putting together a lighted deer, and making the outside of our home look all “Christmas-y”.

While I was on the roof, my beautiful wife came out to see how things were going and cautioned me to be careful (I was on the second story roof). Just the sound of her voice, the way she said it, told me that she genuinely cared about my safety and well-being.

It was dark by the time I finished, and the lights had already come on (I used a photo-cell with a timer, so the lights automatically come on when it gets dark), from the deer in the front yard, to the Christmas Tree in the front window, to the lights along the roof line of the entire front of the house, across the garage to the Christmas Tree shaped juniper at the end of the garage. I went and got my wife to come out and see the finished product.

She was a few steps ahead of me and when she reached the sidewalk, she turned around and looked at our house. The look in her eyes and that sweet smile on her face said it all. My lovely little wife radiated love and appreciation like I had never seen before. She was pleased.

It took some time on a Sunday afternoon, and some hard work, and I know it will all have to come down and get packed away soon after Christmas Day, but seeing her face light up when she saw it – yeah – it was (IS) worth it.

Merry Christmas.