Friday, January 06, 2006

Is That YOU?

Is That YOU?
By Scott Trammell
January 6, 2006

While walking through a hallway at work today, I found myself a few steps behind a co-worker I’ve known for quite some time now. Sensing someone was following (and possibly knowing it was me), without looking back this co-worker asked “Is that you?”

I thought about it for a few seconds and realized that, regardless of who was behind them, the correct response would always be “Yes, it’s me!”

Being the smart-aleck that I am, I responded with “Yes, it’s me. But more importantly, is it YOU?”

This got me to thinking about this same type of exchange in the spiritual realm. God doesn’t ask if it’s us or not. He already knows. The important thing to ask ourselves is “Is it God?”

Whenever an opportunity comes our way, and it looks real good to us, we should stop and ask ourselves if it is from God, or is it the devil trying to trick us into something that could hurt us later on? According to Henry Blackaby, the way to find out is to test it against scripture. Is there anything in scripture that addresses this? Does God’s Word say not to do this? Read the Bible and find out. Another way is to seek the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Pray about it and seek God’s direction. Then – Listen! The third way is to seek counsel from fellow Christians. What is the Holy Spirit telling them about it? Just make sure you don’t ask people you know will always agree with you no-matter-what. Talk to people who know Christ and will give it to you straight. (These are your REAL friends, not those so-called “Yes Men”).

Remember, the next time you hear that “still, small voice”, the Bible encourages us to ask
“God, is that You?”

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Catherine said...

I believe a lack of passion can turn into a serious problem. Especially if we attempt to fill that void with unhealthy passions. We need to be aware and exercise discernment. Sometimes we can represent a need to dull emotional pain or escape.
Other times they have to do with a need for control or instant gratification and recklessness. Most often they simply are an attempt to fill a void that can only be filled by Jesus and the meaning and purpose He brings to life. So if you struggle in this area, let healthy, God-given passions help protect you against unhealthy passions. Ask God and tell Him that you want the Spirit filled passions He installed in you, not the unhealthy ones. Then you’ll need to install discipline.

Romans 12:2
Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world... (NIV)