Monday, August 06, 2007

Prepared for Rain.....

Life is good, my truck is running and the A/C is working, my son made it home from his trip and I had a job interview today.

In case you didn’t already know, my son finally got a car. It isn’t much, but it runs. It is the type of old rust-bucket that causes a parent to pray every time he gets into it. But, it’s his. I had been praying for him ever since he got into that car for the first time.

I am so thankful for my friends at church, and for those across the country, that have been praying for us.

At church Saturday night, a dear friend shared a story with me.

A fellow happened by three farmers praying in a field. It was hot, dry and dusty. The fellow asked the farmers what they were doing and they told him that they were praying for rain. The fellow told them that their prayers won’t work and that it would not rain. They asked how he knew this and he told the farmers that they did not have any faith that God would make it rain. Visibly upset with the fellow’s statement, they asked him why he questioned their faith that God would answer their prayers and make it rain.
The man replied,

“Not one of you brought an umbrella.”

A similar and equally moving story is told in the movie “Facing the Giants”, where the bottom line is simply this:

Prepare for Rain.

I had an interview this afternoon downtown with a state agency. The job description fits me perfectly so I pursued the ad, knowing that these types of jobs, especially this department, are difficult to get.

I had exchanged e-mails and phone calls with the guy I’d be working for and made the arrangements for the interview.

On the way into downtown, I encountered the worst traffic I had seen in a long time and was starting to worry that I would be late to the interview, which is a really bad way to start off with a prospective employer. I kept praying and trusting God that all will work out according to His plan.

I followed the interviewer’s directions to the “South Parking Garage”, but it was full. Trying my best not to get frustrated, I pulled out onto the street in front of the building and found a parking space directly across the street from the front door, under a shade tree. I sent up a quick prayer of thanks for the shady parking space. As I put the quarters into the meter, I found that the meter still had just over an hour left on it.

I looked up to God and said, “Okay, now you’re just showing off.”

I hurried across the street and found my way to the north building (there’s two buildings, north and south) and went to the East Elevators as I was instructed.

I was also instructed to go to the 7th floor to sign in and he’d meet me there.
When I got to the 7th floor, the signs all said that all visitors are to sign in at the 7th floor receptionist and the only way to get there is by way of the West Elevators.

So I took the East Elevator back down to the first floor. On the way, I called the interviewer’s cell phone (he’d given me his number in case I had questions). I told him where I was and what was going on and he apologized for giving me bad directions. I asked him if I’d passed the test regarding having a good sense of direction and being able to deal with dealing with stress. He laughed and said he’d meet me at the 7th floor reception area.

We made it to the ninth floor meeting room where we met up with two other department heads. They were there to help with the interview and also see if they might be able to steal me away to their departments for openings they also had. I felt right at ease with these guys almost immediately.

The interview went rather well.

The Engineering Development Manager was there also. He’s the guy who is the middle-man between the Engineering department and the Human Resources department.

After the interview, we all shook hands and went our separate ways. The Engineering Development Manager accompanied me to the 7th floor reception area to turn in my visitor’s badge and show me out. Or so I thought. Time was about up on my parking meter so he went with me to my truck and said he’d show me where to park in the North Parking Garage. I was apparently wrong about thinking this interview was over.

After parking in the garage, we went back into the north building where he gave me the detailed tour of the engineering departments. He explained to me that he was quite sure that the interviewer was going to make me an offer so he thought it would be okay to go ahead and show me around. I had a real good feeling about this.

At home, I have all the things I need for my engineering office (or cubicle) organized in boxes sitting by the door (books, calculators, etc.), ready to be loaded into my truck to take to work. Those boxes have been there and ready to go for the past two weeks. A friend asked me once why I kept those boxes there. I simply replied,

“I’m preparing for rain.”


Trust in the Lord with all your heart; do not depend on your own understanding.
Seek his will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take.
(Proverbs 3:5-6)


Heather @ Desperately Seeking Sanity said...

WE prepare for rain here too.. in the family and at church... and we love the movie "Facing the Giants"...

Good luck with the position... :)

Dr.John said...

And God will send you some rain. It is so wonderful that God hears us and never fails us.

EE said...

That's awesome, Dude!
I'm getting my umbrella out right now:)

Amira said...

Thanks for the "keep the faith" blogs/reminders.

Anonymous said...

I have heard the movie "Facing the Giants" is really good. I keep forgetting to rent it.

An inspiring story, we all have our "umbrellas of faith" open for you. Can't wait to hear what comes next!

Bless you,


Real Life in South Carolina said...

I was actually going to write a post about that movie ("Facing the Giants") It has a great message! So does this post. I think there are a lot of people preparing for rain right now...but I still have to unpack my umbrella! ;)

Seriously though, I'm looking forward to hearing more on this story. I know God has something awesome in store for you!

HeiressChild said...

that's the scripture God has had me to live by ever since i gave my life over to Him years ago. i've never seen or heard of that movie, but i always have my umbrella.

my4kids said...

That sounds great! I need to read the posts after this now but I am sure hoping you got the job!