Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Tiger Oak Project....

No. This is not about some famous golfer winning another tournament.
This is about why I haven't been around blogging much lately.

As if being "Alpha Dude" wasn't enough, I work a full time job, I am involved in Community Theater (more on that later), my wife and I are very much involved in various ministries in our church, I need to study for our Bible Study night, and I occassionally do woodworking projects in my garage.

Last year, I restored a 1964 Steinway Piano.

This time, I fully restored an Antique Tiger Oak Dining Table.

When I got it, it was in sevaral pieces, some of which needed to be glued back together or needed major repair.

So I stripped and sanded half of the top to see if the table was worth saving. That's when I discovered the table was made of Tiger Oak. Although the table was in pieces and some of those pieces were in pretty bad shape, it appeared to be worth trying to salvage.

So I kept going and stripped and sanded each piece. The claw feet took the most time, effort, and patience. Once all the old finish was stripped away, I sanded each piece and repaired and glued the broken pieces back together. I even had to repair the steel mechanism that clamps the two halves of the pedestal back together. It now locks into place and holds the pedestal together securely. (It had been held together with a heavy piece of wire).

Here's the pedestal as one piece after I finished staining it.

Notice the details on the claw feet.

I even installed felt pads on the bottom of the feet (someone had used waded up duct tape).

After all the pieces were stained, I put it all together and applied several coats (about 8) of a water-based Acrylic finish.

The table now sits in my kitchen.

The table top is 54 inches in diameter and can extend to over 10 feet long. (We just don't have any of the leaves that go with it.)

This table was originally built sometime between 1890 and 1900.
When I got it, it looked like junk.
Now...it looks like a brand new table.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful piece of furniture there. You've got some talent!

Dr.John said...

It looks great. You did a fine restoration job.

EE said...

That's amazing, dude!
Now, start blogging more;)

Gerbil said...

bit of a metaphor in that work there, you know? ;)

awesome job!