Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How Very Convenient….

Sorry I haven’t been around much lately, but I’ve been keeping rather busy.

One of the many things I do for my job is to travel around the state to inspect and evaluate various roadways to see if they are a good candidate for the desired particular pavement preservation treatment.

One recent road trip took us (me and two other engineers) up north near the Great Lakes region. We were just about as far north in Indiana as you can get.

This also meant that it would be a very long drive back home once our task was complete.
So it makes sense that the driver of the car pulled into a rest stop on the way back. His timing was actually quite good and we all made use of the available facilities.

When at places like this, men tend to lollygag around since there seems to be some sort of unwritten rule that men just don’t go in groups. Not that we didn’t wait and take turns, the place had plenty of available accommodations to facilitate everyone, we just didn’t all three go in together. It’s a guy thing.

Before leaving the men’s room, of course, I stopped to wash my hands. I noticed that there were a row of sinks along the wall with a tile shelf above the sinks and then a mirror above the shelf at each sink. What else would you expect? It’s a rest stop. They even had the handicap sink at the end with that angled mirror above the sink.

The thing that caught my eye, however, was the mirror on the wall you have to walk past to get to the door to get out. It seemed to be positioned rather low. I couldn’t, at first, figure out why it was placed that way, since all you could see was the reflection from your knees to your chest. It couldn’t be the handicap mirror, they had one above the handicap sink.

Then it occurred to me what I was really looking at and I knew immediately what that particular mirror was for.

It is a “Check Your Fly” mirror.

I thought that was rather convenient.

Now, I understand that some fellows will still walk out of there with their fly open, but at least they can’t say that someone didn’t try to warn them.

I wonder if there is any such thing in the ladies room?
Any of you ladies care to comment?

But then, maybe us guys really don’t want to know.


(Now, go wash your hands)


Dr.John said...

Boy your state thinks of everything.

EE said...

Where's the photo????

Gerbil said...

Hilarious. Now that's service.