Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mental Meanderings of an Old Man….

I had been meaning to write about this guy for some time now. I’m not sure how he found my blog, but I am really glad he did. He left some nice comments and I, in turn, visited his blog.
The title of his blog is the same as the title of this post, Mental Meanderings Of An Old Man.

The fellow’s name is Dave G Dimelow, and he lived in Manchester, Northwest, United Kingdom. When I got there, I found that he had added me to his blogroll. Now, when Dave G adds someone to his blogroll, he doesn’t just place you in the blogger template so your name appears as a link on your sidebar, he creates a banner representing you and your blog. It appears that he tries to capture a bit of your personality as well. This makes me believe that Dave spent some time reading my blog and doing his best to get to know me a little bit before creating this banner……..

Here’s what Dave had to say when he first posted this banner/icon.
“I like this guy, he is simply a nice chap, entertaining too.”

(Thanks, Dave)

I meant to try to express my appreciation in some way earlier, but I just never seemed to get around to it (a lame excuse, I know, but it is the only one I’ve got). I would stop by Dave’s blog once in a while, looking for something new to read, and perhaps leave a comment or two, but like most bloggers, not seeing anything new, I moved on quickly without saying a word.

Then, the other day I stopped by and noticed Dave hadn’t posted anything new for a long, long time. I decided to leave a comment on his last post, wishing him well. I knew he hadn't been feeling well in the past, but he had said in one of his latest posts that he was doing much better now. When I scrolled through the comments that had been left there by others, I found this one from his daughter…..

It is with much sad regret that I have to post this comment.

Dave Dimelow sadly passed away on the 9th of November 2007 after a serious illness.
His eldest daughter
Sue x

I don’t know anymore about it than that. I was looking forward to getting to know Dave a little better over time. Even though he’s gone, his blog is still there. He has a good sense of humor and has an interesting way of telling his stories. A good read if you have the time.

I know I haven’t been posting as often as I used to. Even though there is much to write about, I have allowed myself to be involved in other things. I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for everyone who stops by now and then, and to those who offer words of encouragement. Thank you for checking up on me.

You never really know sometimes, why someone stops blogging for a while. They could be ill, depressed or just plain busy. For those of you who stop by regularly and leave comments, thank you. I am honored that you take the time to think of me once in a while.
For the rest of you…….stay tuned. There is much more to come.

I have said this before and I will say it again…..
You may never fully realize what a tremendous impact you may have on someone else’s life (good or bad) by the little things you do every day.

I am going to try to put more effort into letting people know how much I care about them by simply saying hello and letting them know they are being thought of today.

How about you?



CrazyDeb said...

What a wonderful post. It's sad that your new friend passed on and I pray that he was a believer and is now at peace with Christ. I should tell you that when I get home from work I go to Erin's blog then your's and if you all have written anything it brightens my day. Erin and I have been friends for a number of years but I now consider you my "blog friend". You make my days better and I thank you for that!!

my4kids said...

That is a wonderful post. That is sad though to find out he had passed though not enough people got to know who he was and obviously he was a pretty neat person to put so much thought into the blogs he read.
I had this happen once long before my own blog but one that I read and found out in the comments that the person had passed away.
I will try to remember your own challenge though for saying hello.

That Chick Over There said...


EE said...

Wow! I think I will have to go check him out.
What's up with the 8 ball on your banner????

Anonymous said...

When I came on your blog a few minutes ago I noticed your face behind the 8 ball and I wondered what that was all about, but wonder no I know. What a bitter-sweet story! Take care "Alpha Dude behind the 8 ball!" :)