Monday, March 17, 2008

in Correct……

Part of what I do for my job is to travel to various places in our state and inspect and evaluate roads to determine what types of treatments to apply to a particular type of pavement.

One day last week, a co-worker and I traveled to the south east portion of our state to check on a stretch of highway for an upcoming project. On the way back, we took an alternate route so we could evaluate the pavement for a future project. I was driving.

As we passed through a particular small town, I mentioned to my co-worker, “We’re in Correct”.
He said, “No, I checked the map. I’m sure this is the right road we’re on”.

“Oh, I know we’re on the right road, but we’re still in Correct”.

“What makes you think so?”

If you’ll look on the Indiana State map, near the south eastern corner of the state, you will find a small town named Correct, located in Ripley County (believe it or not), Indiana.

Like most people, I do not like to admit when I’m wrong, and thankfully, it doesn’t happen often.

But one day last week, I was indeed, in Correct.



tiger lamb girl said...

That really made me smile:).

Dr.John said...

That was funny. So you work for the Department of Maximum Inconvenience and decide where to put construction to really mess up our lives.

Angie said...

gosh, I wonder if their basketball mascots are the "errors" ????

Gerbil said...


EE said...

I'm always in Correct;)