Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sorry to wake you….but…

A couple of months ago, my son finally found the car of his dreams.
Sadly, he didn’t have enough money to buy this car, even though he could get it for way less than it was worth. It was difficult to start and keep running. My son swore he knew how to fix it.
So I gave him the money and he bought this car. It is a 1990 Acura RS.

Once he got it home, it cost him a $20 part and ten minutes of his time, and that car was running like a song. He got a really great deal. I can’t remember when I’ve seen him so happy and excited.

For an 18 year old car, it is in really good shape. Sure it needs a few minor things, but they are things he can do over time and he intended to make this car like brand new.

Last week, my 19 year old son drove this car to California (about 2100 miles) to see his little sister. She’s on spring break and he wanted to surprise her, which he did. Sure, flying out there may have been less expensive, but this is something he felt he needed to do.

At around one o’clock this morning, my phone rang.

When I answered, I heard, “Dad, I’m really sorry to wake you….but….my car has been stolen”.

I found his paperwork and gave him the license plate number and vehicle ID number, which he relayed to the police officer standing next to him.

He had taken his little sister to the movies, and when they came out, the car was just gone.

I cannot imagine how anyone could do such a thing.

My heart aches for him. I haven’t slept since that call.

Please pray for my son and the safe return of his car.



Dr.John said...

Having had my church broken into and the computer stolen. I know the horrible feeling. I will pray for your son.

Gerbil said...

that's really horrible. i hope they find the e car and get it back to him.

Angie said...

Wow, that's awful. So sorry to hear about that. But, God is faithful!!