Thursday, November 13, 2008

Random Stuff (Tag, You're It!)

Have you heard lately that the State of Colorado has become the 21st state to ban the game of tag from their public schools? Yeah. No kidding.
The argument for this is that they believe this game to be too dangerous for the students to play during recess.

Too dangerous.

If you are from Colorado, I have a question for you: “What kind of sissies are you all raising out there?

Now, I did part of my growing up in Colorado. I lived there from the sixth grade through the 11th grade, and never got hurt playing “tag”. We also had something called Jarts. You remember those? They were lawn darts! Sharp metal spikes with a handle and plastic fins so they could FLY!
We’d throw them at those hoola-hoops on the ground, and sometimes at each other (or the dog!). They didn’t stick too well in a tree, but we tried.
And we still turned out okay.

Here’s something else to think about:

Whoever that kid was that was tagged last……is still IT!!

I can imagine this individual about twenty years from now in their therapist’s office, upon reaching to the root of all their inner-most, deep seated problems and begin screaming…


Just something to think about.

It has occurred to me that some women will go to great lengths to color their hair, put on a bunch of make-up, wear false eye-lashes, get a fake spray-on tan, put on a wonder-bra and a pair of booty enhancing britches, and then still have the audacity to claim that they want to find a guy who will “appreciate the real her”!

Its okay to agree with me on this one guys, just don’t do it out loud, since your wife may hear you.

And from today’s news…….

The Indianapolis International Airport opened it’s new terminal today. Part of the new security system is a new type of x-ray scanning machine that you walk through. This new machine is equipped with 3-D imaging, so they get to see it ALL! In fact, the security people viewing the monitors for this new scanner are in a different area of the airport, far away from the actual machine. My guess is that it is so you can’t hear all the laughing, since they are basically seeing you naked as you pass through the scanner.
I’m thinking that the next time I fly, I may stop by an “adult” store first and by a couple of “questionable” items and keep them in my front pockets, just to freak out the security people while I pass through that new scanner.
“Oh my….!!! He’s got three…uh….!!!!”
Gee, I wonder if they allow those on the plane? I haven’t noticed them on the banned items list.

Okay, maybe I won’t do that, since I just can’t bring myself to visit one of those kinds of stores.
Oh well. I live in Indiana where a kid can still be a kid, so

Tag….you’re it!



CrazyDeb said...

Banning tag? What are things coming to these days? Tag was probably one of the safer games we played - when you played football and someone was tackled EVERYONE piled on!

And I'd almost go into one of those stores (would take ee with me) and get those things for you to carry in your pocket!!! You crack me up and thank you, I needed that.

EE said...

They banned dodge ball here, too. What's wrong with people???
I'd so go with Debbie to pick something up for you. The last time I was in an "adult" store was about 10 years ago. I was with a group of girls and we were giggling and being obnoxious. I wound up seeing a couple from my high school church, doing some serious shopping.
Glad you're back, dude.

Gerbil said...

Heh. The last time I had to fly to Florida was just a year or two past 9/11. I connected in Atlanta and they were taking bag checks SERIOUSLY that night... there were armed gaurds everywhere.

Anyway, one young man was extremely hot under the collar about waiting in the security line and was making loud commentary, none fit for public consumption. Behind me stood the frailest elederly woman ever, making disdainful "hmph" noises quietly every time the guy opened his mouth.

Needless to say, the guy got pulled for a full bag check, the kind where they remove everything and lay it out on a table in full view of everyone. Everyone.

I'm gonna give you just one guess what the mouthy guy had packed in his carry-on, hmmm?

The elderly woman watched the items being laid out and observed loudly that "Well if that doesn't serve you right for being an (expletive deleted)

So uh... yeah, I guess you can.